Income Qualified

Energy savings tailored for income qualified multi-family buildings

Take advantage of these value-added services for multi-family building owners or operators to help find energy savings.

  • A free full-service energy-efficiency audit, conducted by an experienced expert.

  • A thorough report of findings and recommendations on ways to improve your building’s energy efficiency.

  • No-cost installation of energy-saving equipment throughout common living areas and resident units.

  • Brochures for your residents that contain important energy-saving tips.

  • Implementation support and guidance.

  • Rebates and bonus incentives for making energy-efficiency upgrades throughout your building.

  • Rebate form submissions.


  • Located in Minnesota
  • Has five or more units
  • Natural gas service through CenterPoint Energy or Xcel Energy

  • Has a shared entrance, common areas and in-unit kitchens

  • Your building is listed in the State of Minnesota Low-Income Rental Classification (LIRC) or,

  • You can prove that 66% of your tenants fall into income-qualified status.

Rewarding incentives begin with a free full-service energy efficiency audit

Get rewarded for investing in energy improvements and reducing your gas and electric consumption.

Qualified energy experts will conduct an audit of your entire building, including resident units and common living areas, and will make suggestions on how to make it more energy efficient. Then, we’ll offer you generous rebates and bonus incentives to make qualified improvements.

Earn rebates on qualifying energy equipment offered through Xcel Energy or CenterPoint Energy. Then, earn an additional 200% BONUS incentive to rebates earned up to the equipment cost.

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