Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Family Building Efficiency Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have already started an energy efficiency project, can I get the Multi-Family Building Efficiency bonus incentive?

A: Only projects that have started after the date of the Multi-Family Building Efficiency application was submitted, and have not taken action to procure materials, are eligible to receive the Multi-Family Building Efficiency bonus incentive. The date of the project invoice must be after the date of the program application to qualify for the program incentive.

Q: What is the bonus incentive for income-qualified buildings?

A: The bonus incentive is 200% of rebates earned, up to the cost of the equipment. (example: $100 rebate + $200 bonus incentive = $300 total rebate).

Q: How do you qualify for the income-qualified bonus incentives?

A: Most qualify by a listing in the State of Minnesota Low-Income Rental Classification (LIRC) at or above a 66% qualifying percent. Also, if you can prove that 66% of your tenants are income-qualified, you may qualify. Work with our implementer for more information.

Q: How long do we have to complete projects? When does the “clock” start?

A: You will have up to two years from the date you receive the energy efficiency audit report to complete the work, have it validated and submit the necessary documentation.

Q: What are our costs to participate in this program?

A: The energy audit, installation of energy-efficient products, such as LEDs, faucet aerators, power strips and showerheads, and implementation support for making energy efficiency upgrades are provided to you at no cost. If you choose to complete energy efficiency upgrades identified in your report, you will be responsible for paying the full upfront cost of the work and can earn rebates and bonus incentives upon completion of the project.

Q: When do I get my project rebates? Will it be a lump sum at the end of project or paid out more frequently?

A: After you complete an energy efficiency upgrade identified in the energy efficiency audit, program staff will work with you to gather the required documentation and then submit the rebate application to the utilities on your behalf. Your rebates and incentive will be paid to you directly by the appropriate utility.

Q: Can I sign up for more than one building to participate in this program?

A: Yes. During high enrollment periods, the number of buildings under each management entity may be limited.

Q: If the resident has a special kitchen faucet/showerhead, will the faucet aerators or showerheads be replaced?

A: The installation of energy-saving products will only apply to building-owned, permanent fixtures such as aerators, showerheads or overhead lights. Resident-owned fixtures such as table or floor lamps and specialty showerheads will not be changed.

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